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Plumbing problems are never convenient; they come at the worst times, and often with no warning. We understand that hiring a plumber can be very stressful along with everyday life, but finding someone you can trust is just a phone call away. At Limitless Plumbing & Sewer we are trained to fix all nature of plumbing issues from small dripping faucets to sewage backing up inside your home or crawl space. There is no job too large or small, and we always keep you and your home the priority. At Limitless Plumbing & Sewer we promise to flush your plumbing problems away and get your worst day flowing again. When your back is against the wall, give Limitless a call!

Inbound or Outbound Your Pipes are Our Priority

Plumbing is one of those things most people take for granted until it stops working. That is kind of interesting when you consider it delivers the most important life giving element on earth (water) and takes away one of the biggest health hazards on the planet(human waste0. Losing either service is a BIG deal. I know that. That is why I like to provide the highest level of service you can get in a Lynnwood plumber.

I want you to think of me as your first choice in Lynnwood plumbers

I want to be the first person you think of when you have a plumbing problem. To do that I have to provide the highest level of service; not just the repair but the customer service also. I strive to be responsive, prompt, efficient, friendly and a good listener. Of course my goal is provide top notch value to my clients.

Some plumbers have just gotten too big, not me

Some plumbing companies have just become too big or a part of a large franchise organization. They have lost touch with the craft and only think green. At Limitless Plumbing you are dealing with the owner, Brandon. I not only own the business. I am the business. I am the Lynnwood plumber. That means when you work with me you are working with a craft person; a person with a passion for the plumbing work. Even my Snohomish County Plumber web site is simple and straight forward. No fluff. I make a career of plumbing and yes I want to feed my family, but I do that by providing quality craft work to my customers. My reward is that I get to make a living.

A craft person's approach to plumbing

If you want to see a craft person's in a Lynnwood plumber then you want to call me and see the difference. I promise you will be pleased. Work in Lynnwood but live in Monroe? Our Lynnwood plumber solutions extend all the way to Monroe! So go ahead and give us a call.

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Brandon, the business owner

Welcome to Limitless Plumbing & Sewer! I am Brandon, your licensed, bonded, and insured Lynnwood plumber. My goal is to provide you with excellent, friendly service that you can trust and to complete your job right the first time. A lifetime Snohomish County resident, I have years of plumbing experience and knowledge to serve you. I promise to take care of your home as I would my own. If you are looking for a Lynnwood plumber, give us a call right now.