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Plumbing problems are never convenient; they come at the worst times, and often with no warning. We understand that hiring a plumber can be very stressful along with everyday life, but finding someone you can trust is just a phone call away. At Limitless Plumbing & Sewer we are trained to fix all nature of plumbing issues from small dripping faucets to sewage backing up inside your home or crawl space. There is no job too large or small, and we always keep you and your home the priority. At Limitless Plumbing & Sewer we promise to flush your plumbing problems away and get your worst day flowing again. When your back is against the wall, give Limitless a call!

How to Avoid Calling a Marysville Plumber

I love helping people solve their plumbing problems. People are usually frazzled and sometimes desperate. So, yes, we love being the hero. But sometimes being the hero is not the right solution.

If you have a simple plumbing problem you might be able to solve it faster and without the expense by doing it yourself! Why call a Marysville plumber unless you have to. Try these tips first:

My bathroom drain is blocked

Before calling us, see if your drain is simply blocked by hair. This is the most common reason for a blocked bathroom drain. Here is how:

Didn't work? Call Brandon, your top notch Marysville plumber. Worked? Go back to watching tv.

My toilet is blocked

Before you call us or any other Marysville plumber when your toilet is blocked and a plunger doesn't work, you need to do this! First thing to do is to turn off the valve that supplies water to the toilet tank. That way things will not overflow onto the bathroom floor. Don't forget to do this as you will save yourself a big headache. Assuming the water level in the bowl dropped, put a substantial amount of dishwasher detergent into the bowl. Boil a pan of water and pour it into the toilet bowl. Make sure there is enough room in the bowl to hold the amount of water. Wait several minutes. Use the plunger again.

If things look good turn on the water line and see if the line is unclogged. Plunge one more time.

Didn't work? Call Brandon. Worked? Go back to watching tv.

Frozen water line burst

Turn off the water line. Call Brandon. Go back to watching tv.

Sometimes you just need a plumber

When you do, we hope you will call Brandon and make him your full time Marysville plumber. You will be glad and so will we. Work in Marysville but live in Everett, plumber services extend to Everett as well!

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Brandon, the business owner

Welcome to Limitless Plumbing & Sewer! I am the business owner Brandon, your personal Marysville plumber. My goal is to provide you with excellent, friendly service that you can trust and to complete your job right the first time. A lifetime Snohomish County resident, I have years of plumbing experience and knowledge to serve you. I promise to take care of your home as I would my own.